Have Korean Seaweed Tried yet That You Need to Know

October 16, 2018

Have Korean seaweed tried yet? Korean fashion seaweed is experienced with salt and coconut oil before it is roasted, although it is comparable to nori seaweed, which is used for sushi. And it tends to be less dense and more delicate. Once you have tasted Korean style roasted seaweed, if you are like me, you […]

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Lets Say There Is a Harvest Which Requires You to – What You Need to Know

October 15, 2018

Lets say there is a harvest which requires you to harvest and plant, but do little in between. They call him Captain Seaweed. His laboratory was visited by me, and Im a believer. Yarish has spent years doing the work that brings an idea lets farm seaweed! To the stage where farms can be started […]

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